I've always had a fascination with the natural world and our relationship with it.  The way we can adapt to our environment and overcome the unbelievable hardships mother nature can throw at us has always interested me. The Victorians were the masters of this with their engineering prowess especially when it comes to the[..]

Road Trip

With most Formula 1 races I travel by air for obvious reasons which means I miss out on so much of the journey and as we know it's not all about where we go but how we get there. I have a love of motorcycling so try and fit in as many road trips as I can during the year. One of my favourites is combining the Belgium and It[..]

Cruising The Cut

Circumnavigating the world covering Formula 1 can be an exhausting experience.  What with all the travelling and time zones you can really get quite worn out. One of the ways I like to chill out and relax is to take a trip for a week on a canal boat and totally switch off from the frenetic world I inhabit for most of the[..]