Cruising The Cut

Circumnavigating the world covering Formula 1 can be an exhausting experience.  What with all the travelling and time zones you can really get quite worn out.

One of the ways I like to chill out and relax is to take a trip for a week on a canal boat and totally switch off from the frenetic world I inhabit for most of the year.  

Before the start of the 2018 season I decided to take a trip on the Ashby Canal up in the Midlands and enjoy some down time.  It was also a good excuse to go and visit the Triumph Factory in Hinkley and spoil myself with some new bike gear and check out the latest models and take in a factory tour of the production line which was fascinating.

To see the bikes from the first bolt all the way through to rolling off the production line really gave the bikes a soul and has given my own bike a real personality.

There is also an excellent museum with the history of Triumph bikes for one to enjoy and is a real must for any bike fan.

Here are a few videos and pics from the trip.