Well, how time flies as they say!  Its been over a month since my last blog and so much has happened.

For a start I’ve been to Bahrain, Shanghai, Baku and Barcelona covering the Formula 1 Grand Prix as well as taking in the sites of these wonderful destinations.

I’ve also spent a week on a canal boat enjoying the Ashby Canal to recharge my batteries before preparing to go to Monaco tomorrow to cover the blue riband event of the Formula 1 calendar which is of course the Monaco Grand Prix. 

After the trip down under which I wrote about in my last blog, I have visited four destinations covering the Formula 1 events.  The first was Bahrain which to be honest is a bit of a labour of love as not much really happens out in the desert although the race makes for dramatic imagery which you can view using the link below.

Next up was Shanghai which is another far away destination but a bit of a slog to be honest after flying all the way back from Oz and New Zealand the back to Bahrain to fly home to then fly back to Shanghai the next day!  Bonkers really but hey ho.

The city of Shanghai is one of the proper destinations we visit though.  With so much history there is an awful lot to see but as usual never enough time to see it all.  The fact that the practice starts at 10am in the mornings with an hour journey to the circuit makes for early starts, which in turn makes for early nights otherwise you are just exhausted as the jetlag really whacks you with the 8 hour time difference.

This year I had booked my return flight home on the Tuesday morning after the race as I wanted to visit the famous Bund and take in the dramatic skyline that you can see across in Pudong. 

It was unfortunately a rather dull day weather wise and rather chilly so I didn’t get the chance to hang around and laze in the sun but had to keep walking to keep warm. This actually proved a blessing as it allowed me to wander around and take in some of the wonderful Art Deco architecture in and around The Bund.

I was gifted with late afternoon sun though, which was perfect timing to start my two hour vigil of rooted to the spot as I captured the dull concrete buildings of Pudong transform into a spectacular display of neon opulence.  Well worth the wait I can tell you if a tad chilly!

Next up was Baku which is the capital of Azerbaijan right down near the Caspian Sea and one of Formula 1’s more exotic locations with it being a street circuit around not just the modern oil financed glass skyscrapers, but the beautiful old town that is around 1000 years old.

Photographing from the old town is quite a challenge as the streets are so very narrow so getting a vantage point requires a bit of climbing.  I ended up in one of the 1000 year old city ramparts for one of the practice sessions which was a first for me and made for some lovely imagery.

The juxtaposition of the two sides to the city make for spectacular backdrops for photographers and one you can enjoy using the links below.

After Baku I had the wonderful experience of attending my daughter’s leavers assembly before she starts her GCSE’s.

I still can’t believe it’s 12 years ago I was taking her to school for the first time!  Again, how time flies…

Next up was Barcelona although I missed the first two days being at my daughter’s leavers assembly so it was literally a splash and dash visit.

Upon returning from Barcelona I was off up to the Ashby Canal for four days with my mother as I had promised to take her as one of the last things she wants to do on her bucket list. With her lovely husband now gone it was up to me to fulfil this wish which I dutifully did. 

It was a lovely few days blessed with warming spring sunshine.

Right, go to go as I’m packing for Monaco today ready for an early start tomorrow and a very busy week!

To view my images from the Bahrain Grand Prix please use the link below
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To view my images from the Baku Grand Prix please use the link below
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To view my images from the Catalunya Grand Prix please use the link below
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