Road Trip

With most Formula 1 races I travel by air for obvious reasons which means I miss out on so much of the journey and as we know it’s not all about where we go but how we get there.

I have a love of motorcycling so try and fit in as many road trips as I can during the year.

One of my favourites is combining the Belgium and Italian races into a road trip across the Alps which is just stunning.

From my base in Brighton I travel for two weeks through France, Belgium and Switzerland up into the Alps and down again into Italy and back again.  

Riding the famous passes of the Alps including The Furka, Grimsel and Susten all in one day are a mecca for any motorcyclist and one to be savoured.  With tremendous views and wonderfully fast roads winding their way through the mountains, one literally feels on top of the world, brilliant fun.

The journey home back over the Alps and into Montreux and Lake Geneva is a lovely way to end the mountain route.  I usually spend the night here to enjoy the beautiful sunset and catch a bit o jazz before the journey back through France.

Enjoy the journey…